About Dacha

About Dacha

Dance Dacha is a second home to many and a first home to the enthusiast dancers. Even the word Dacha is Russian for a cottage usually treated as a second home. This is the main reason why the word was incorporated into the brand so that people could come and bring out their inner self with us. This is possible because we believe that there is a dancer within all of us. Even when a baby is born, it moves around to indicate what it wants. Before there was any spoken language, people communicated through dance forms.

There are four major elements to life, namely Expression, Rhythm, Movement, and Aura. Each of these elements can be greatly enhanced by opening up. When a person is without any worry and is feeling happy, he or she bursts out in a step just to express that feeling. Each one of us born a dancer but over time as we get busy with our lives and start to give in to the worries, we forget and suppress the dancer within us. At Dance Dacha, we bring people together from different walks of life and teach them to remember their first dance, remember how they could express themselves without the use of any language.

All our classes are interactive and each participant will enjoy a judgment-free environment. Everyone has their own pace of learning and we do not scold anyone. Rather, we stand by their side and guide them in a better way. Dachniks, in the past, have claimed that within the facilitation centers, they could feel the rhythm arising from within and once their bodies got accustomed to the rhythm and started to move with the beat, dancing came out naturally. Past experiences of Dance Dacha and its Dachniks have shown that dance is the best way to get rid of any suppressed feelings and helps one to open up to new possibilities.

The Founder

Dance Dacha has quite a humble origin story. The dream of a young girl to move out of her corporate routine to find her soul is what paved the way for the Dacha to be what it is today. Jas K Shan is one of the most alive people that you will come across in your life. When you meet her, you will feel like you have known her your entire life. There is an instant connection of faith and trust that is built up with her, and within a matter of minutes, you will want to be as free-minded as Jas K Shan in your life.


Dance Dacha does not impose any restrictions or rules on anyone. We want people from all parts of the community to come together in a judgment-free zone and become a part of something greater than just a dance group. We want people to form a group of people who are going to give back to the society. This is done by efforts such as “10 minutes to Bag”, an event that was conducted in British School Chandigarh allowing the lesser privileged to collect any of the items donated by the Dachniks within a period of 10 minutes.
Efforts like these help promote our belief that we should live in a society that is not discriminated on the basis of privileges. We always guide our Dachniks to bear social responsibility towards community services so that we can progress together as a society. As a group, the Dachniks have spent quite a lot of time serving the old people in Old Age Homes and the children in the orphanages and slums. When we begin to bear the social responsibility as a group, we start to enjoy it and then indulge in the various social activities as individuals too.
At Dance Dacha, we allow people to learn without instructions, in ways that will allow them to grow into their own roots and follow their own pace of learning. The Mission of Dance Dacha is to promote a way of learning that is for the masses and not the classes. Dance Dacha aims at providing a safe physical and mental environment to everyone who needs one. We have people who come in as disturbed humans and staying as free spirits. Dance Dacha is more than just dance. It is about a free and healthy way of living, a place where everyone can come together and be everything that they ever wanted and could not be because of social pressures and anxieties.