Dance Dacha is a second home to many and a first home to the enthusiast dancers. Even the word Dacha is Russian for a cottage usually treated as a second home. This is the main reason why the word was incorporated into the brand so that people could come and bring out their inner self with us. This is possible because we believe that there is a dancer within all of us. Even when a baby is born, it moves around to indicate what it wants. Before there was any spoken language, people communicated through dance forms.

First time Jas K Shan Dance Dacha brings a unique mix od ADA, NAZAKAT, NAKHRA..

We love these sisters as they continue to bring bundle of love n energy each day to the floor.

we love them tooooo
cheers Dachnik kavita, Harpreet, Anju & Shana :)

Fitness is self drive with good trainers. We got both..

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Testimonial by RUCHIKA- Jas k shan Dance Dacha1